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Do you need a second hand crushing plant, a special grid for fine sand screening, a complete plant for the processing of construction materials and recycling construction materials or simply a belt conveyor in good condition? Are you in search of a used extraction digger considerably deep dredging? Are you looking for a suction dredger with a submergible pump? Or perhaps you are searching for a settling tank for sorting out foreign matters from screened material. 

No matter what you need – a crushing plant, a screening unit, a conveyor belt, a crane or an extracting plant – we are likely to have the second hand equipment you are in search of! We are also the right partner if you want to sell your equipment or to trade it in. 

We offer the most complete Internet platform specialising in second hand equipment for mineral processing and recycling as well as stone, earth and pyrite treatment. 

Our company was founded in 1993. We are not just traders; more than 20 workers and engineers manufacture steel and metal products. We construct and dismantle plants according to the customer’s order. Furthermore, we provide workers and equipment for repairs, service and loading your machines into camions 

Our company has a constructing certificate.

our history

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