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 ThyssenKruppDRM925 stationäre Brecher und Brecheranlagensonstige

Scope of Supply
Tertiary Double Roll Mill (Overview)
C-1 Double Roll Mill – DRM 925 - 2000 1
Base frame (common frame for machine and auxiliary equipment) 1
Automatic hydraulic gap setting device 1
Automatic Central Grease Lubrication System 1
Drive Components 1
Drive Motor - SCIM, TEFC, Low Voltage 2
O-1 Cavity level sensor Inlet 1

Detailed Basis of Design
Site Location and Climatic Condition
Site Location Germany
Altitude, m.a.s.l < 1,000 m a.s.l. (assumed)
Temperature, °C (Min / Max) -20°C to +35°C (assumed)

Design Data

Material Type Unknown
Material feed Description Free flowing (assumed)
Ore specific gravity (minimum) 2.5 t/m3 (assumed)
Ore Bulk Density 1.6 t/m3 (assumed)
Moisture content 3 %
Clay Content (maximum): Nil (assumed)
Bond Work Index 10 kWh/t (assumed)
Bond Abrasion Index (Design) 0.5 (assumed)
Unconfined Compressive Strength (Average) 120 MPa
Feed material screened (Yes/No) Yes
Gap setting CSS 8 mm (Range: 0 - 30 mm)
Max. feed size (F100)* 40 mm

Feed size distribution (typical)
Size [mm] Passing [%]
40 100
25 98
20 61
15 36
8 7

Product size (P95)* ≤ 14 mm
Throughput capacity – Nominal 8mm ≥ 250 tph (simulated)

Electrical and Instrumentation
Standards IEC
HT Voltage Not Applicable
LT Voltage 380 V (-/+ 5%)
Frequency 50 Hz (-/+ 2%)
Control Voltage 24 VDC / 240 VAC

Technical Description
C-1 : Double Roll Mill - DRM 925 - 2000
Model Double Roll Mill DRM 925 - 2000
Year of manufacturing 2020, in operation until 2022
Condition Used, partly assembled
Roll circle diameter Approx. 925 mm
Roll width Approx. 2,000 mm
Construction Welded and bolted design
Feed opening approx. 2,040 mm x 510 mm
Centre distance approx. 933 mm
Number of rolls 2
Drive Helical-spur gearbox
Direction of rotation centre
No. of main drives per DRM 2 off

Hydraulic Power Unit
The Hydraulic Power Unit supplies the automatic gap setting system with hydraulic pressure. The Hydraulic Power Unit is mounted on the common base frame. The piping integral to the machine is included in Seller`s scope supply.
Seller provides information as mentioned above for the Customer to operate the hydraulic power unit from its central control system.

Central Grease Lubrication Unit
The central grease lubrication system ensures an automatic and continuous grease supply to the lubrication points of the crushing roll shafts’ bearings. The automatic central grease lubrication unit is placed next to the Double Roll Mill on the common base frame. Piping integral to the machine is included in Seller´s scope of supply.

Drive system
The crushing rolls are individually driven by one motor each. The drive system is executed with a
helical sour gearbox and coupling.
Main Drive Motors
Motor Type : Squirrel Cage
No of units : 2 (two) off
Kilowatts : 160 kW
No. of Poles : 4 (four) off
Supply : 380 V (-/+ 5%), 3-phase @ 50 Hz (-/+ 2%)
Enclosure : IP 56
Mounting Type : Horizontal Foot
Insulation : Class F
Cooling : Fan Cooled With Built-in-Air Cooler
Service Factor : 1.0 P.U. at Class B rise
Bearing Type : Anti-friction
Bearing Lubrication: Grease


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